Keoka Lake Info

2018 Topographical Survey

2018 Topographical Survey of Keoka Lake

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Keoka Lake is 460 acres or 0.7 square miles.  It has 4.08 miles of shoreline with a maximum depth of 42 feet.  It is the 18th largest lake in Oxford County. 

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Keoka's watershed is 3,808 acres or 5.95 square miles.  It is located at the top of the chain of lakes that feed into Sebago Lake, the water supply for Portland, ME.  71% of the solis in Keoka's watershed are classified as Type C which are characterized by infiltration rates.  There are four hydrologic soil groups.  Type A soils have the smallest runoff potential and Ds have the greatest.



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Water Quality

Water quality concerns for Keoka include:

  • Low oxygen levels,

  • Inadequate cold-water fish habitats,

  • Deep-water phosphorous levels, and

  • Elevated gloeotrichia levels 

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Dam Status

The dam has been wide open this spring to handle the runoff from the snow as well as the spring rainstorms.  Pending the replacement of the Town Boat Launch, scheduled for after Labor Day, the dam will be closed and monitored to achieve normal summer levels.