Keoka Lake is a spring-fed lake located along Rt. 35 in Waterford, Maine. Formed by glaciers, it is approximately 460 acres in size with a maximum depth of 42 feet. The quintessential New England village of Waterford Flats and Mt. Tire'm are situated along its northern shore.

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Greetings, VLMP Lake Monitors & Friends~

We are forwarding this email we received
yesterday from the Maine Lakes Society:


Clean Water Act Funds Cut from the US EPA Budget!

End of Nonpoint Source Program Grants?
What the proposed cut in the Federal Budget means for us is that we will lose the capacity to tackle the largest, most damaging sources of pollution to Maine lakes, streams and coastal waters. The cut eliminates the only significant funding our state gets to protect and restore Maine waters. "319" or Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Control Grants, awarded by Maine DEP to towns, watershed groups and Soil and Water Conservation Districts, correct or eliminate sources of pollution too costly for individuals, groups or even towns and cities to handle alone. These 319 grants are funded by Clean Water Act money that comes to Maine DEP from US EPA. They require a local match that extends the good.

Outcome: no funds will be available after 2017 and DEP would lose 9 full time staff positions dedicated to water quality protection and restoration.

View DEP 319 Report



Stand Up for Maine Lakes!

Please take a few minutes to write your members of Congress -- your Senator and Representative. Be brief, identify yourself and the lake(s) you care about, and tell why protecting water quality is vital. Give several reasons why it is urgent to restore Clean Water Act funding to the 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Program. Some general facts you can use are below, but your own experience and values are more important than anything else you can write or say. Generic letters don't count for much with elected officials.

If your legal residence is Maine, here are links to use:

Susan Collins
Angus King
Chellie Pingree
Bruce Poliquin

If your legal residence is out of state, look here for your senator. Look here for your representative.

Thank You for Caring

Maggie Shannon

Email Maggie

Maine Lakes Society

LD 40 - An Act to Protect Maine's Great Ponds

LD 713 - Resolve, to Further Protect Lake Water Quality

Talking Points for LD 40 & LD 713

Maine LD 40 - Bill to ban the use of fertilizer within 50 feet of high water mark (will serve to reduce the amount of phosphorus in the lake)

Current Legislation

LEA Expands Water Testing

Two videos about milfoil can be found on the Milfoil Page.

KLA receives Lake of the Year award from the Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District! Letter

Arne Klepinger holding the sign denoting the Conservation Award.

LEA on Keoka Lake



Keoka Lake IPP - plant patrol segments

Maine Milfoil Summit 2015 Report

Invasive Plant Survey 2010

Invasive Plant Patrol program - training information

Identification Sheets for Invasive Plants Go to pages 20-24

Gloeotrichia echinulata (Gloeo) Monitoring Report

KLA has purchased three scopes for viewing below the surface of the water. Contact Tom Stockwell or Charlie Tarbell about using one of them.


Non-native or invasive fish species

Information on didymo (rock snot) Go to pages 12-13

Chinese Mystery Snail Go to page 7


Why be LakeSmart?

LakeSmart FAQs

The Hunt For Aquatic Invaders - video



A reminder that we, as users of the lake, are in the loon's territory. There are laws that protect their safety, primarily prohibiting the use of lead fishing supplies and respecting the 200' no wake zone near shore as required by Maine State boating laws. Last fall, there was a dead loon found along Keoka's shore and there are ongoing studies into why the rise in loon deaths. Do your part - be smart - be LoonSmart:

Responsible Boating

Renter/Visitor Flyer

Boating Violations

Operation Report It Now! Current Flyer

To Report a Boating Violation, Call (207) 657-2345 (24-hour monitored line)

Courtesy Boat Inspections

Current CBI Handbook

National Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC) Resolution Number 2011-87-01 - Appropriate Regulations for Life Jacket Wear by Recreational Boaters as recommended to the Coast Guard for consideration and action.

NBSAC resolution

The Dam

History of dam replacement

Current Status - There is active monitoring of the dam given the recent heavy thunderstorms and rain. The July 1st storm saw 4” of rain in 2 hours and the level of the lake rose 12”. Given subsequent heavy downfalls in thunderstorms, the dam is being maintained at a balance for the Keoka lake level and maintaining the stream level so as to not flood or cause problems downstream. Every effort is being made to avoid the extremely low level during recent summers that were a result of drought. We can’t control the weather!

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