Keoka Lake Association (KLA) is a volunteer organization supported by those who love Keoka Lake, whether they be landowners along its shores, citizens/taxpayers in Waterford who use and treasure the lake or some for whom Keoka Lake holds a special place In their hearts. Supported by member dues, KLA is committed to maintaining the health and safety of Keoka Lake, especially in the face of the threat of invasives, both flora and fauna and naturally occurring and man-made environmental threats. KLA is also committed to protecting the waters of Keoka Lake for future generations by educating its membership about environmental threats, environmentally conscious and proactive best practices and safe boating practices to protect those who enjoy its waters. KLA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For more information about KLA, please click the FEEDBACK loon for KLA contact information.

KLA holds its annual meeting each year on the Saturday following July 4th. Coffee, donuts and socializing will begin at 8:30 a.m. with the business meeting starting promptly at 9 a.m. All are welcome.

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Courtesy Boat Inspection (CBI) program:
Developed and Pioneered by Peter Lovell through Lakes Environmental Association, aka LEA (click for link), the Courtesy Boat Inspection program utilizes paid or volunteer CBIs to inspect boats entering and leaving Maine lakes in an attempt to halt the spread of invasives. Of primary concern is milfoil, however Hydrilla has also been discoveed in Maine lakes and didymo (rock snot) is in streams within 10 miles of the Maine border. The CBI program is voluntary but seeks to educate recreational boaters and fishermen/women to the dangers of invasives being introduced into Maine's lakes and rivers. The goal is that education will lead to voluntary self-inspection of boats entering and leaving Maine waters. for more information about Invasives, CBIs and the work that is being done to keep Maine's lakes claen, clear, and healthy, check out The Tipping Point video (click for link).

A cooperative endeavor with the DEP and Oxford County Soil & Water Conservation, LakeSmart is a program that offers free opportunities for homeowners to learn how to manage their lakeside properties to protect their lake's water quality. The program's goal is to change the increasingly common suburban landscaping practices around lakes to a more natural, lake-friendly environment. The primary focus of LakeSmart is to keep a lake's water clean by stabilizing eroding areas, reducing the use of chemicals, diverting rainwater into vegetated areas.

Spearheaded by Kathy Souza in 2011, KLA's LakeSmart program is now handled by Peter Morse and Jim Flynn. KLA has a goal of at least 30% participation of Keoka Lake's property owners. There is no downside to a LakeSmart inspection and there is no fee. Inspections are done by trained volunteers and cover a number of factors that impact the health of the lake. The volunteer inspector will use a checklist to evaluate the property and make notes as to mitigation that can be done to meet the LakeSmart standards for maintaining clean, clear and healthy water in Maine lakes. Besides making Maine's lakes more attractive to enjoy, clean, clear water in the lakes serves to sustain, among other things, shoreline property values.

Following the inspection, it is then up to the landowner to decide how much he/she is willing to do to remedy any issues found. Following mitigation, a Maine Lakes Society employee makes the final inspection before awarding the LakeSmart designation.

While it is nice to have lots of LakeSmart Award plaques posted at the end of driveways or along the lakefront, the more important goal is striving to get all property owners to participate and have their property evaluated. The quality of the water in Keoka lake is a function of everyone doing their part in controlling runoff that adds phosphorous to the lake. If you would like to have your property inspected, please contact Peter Morse (207-583-6360) or Jim Flynn.

For a list of current Keoka Lake properties who have received the LakeSmart Award, click HERE.